Definitely Thought I was dying, and if I Was, Yoga Was What Saved Me

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

I passed out on my yoga mat.

And no, this is not a hyperbole for finishing a killer vinyasa flow. I actually passed out on my yoga mat.

So here’s some background. Last week was a week of change, and Kimberly Anne Crankfield does not do change well. Like Donald trump in orange, it just doesn’t look good on  me. In the span of three days I dealt with stupid roommate drama, taking on a life changing role, moving, and having to make some serious decisions that could mean me loosing complete control over the things that I am so used to being in charge of. You know, my life. If you want specific details, ask, but thats not the point of this post.

At 4am last night I woke up with murderous body pains. I needed a sip of water because I’m one of those people that believes that there’s…

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