Borus Abraham

Positively Kristen

When I think about the various positive aspects of my life, my little puppy’s face pops up into my head first. Ok, so I don’t think a 6 year old dog can still be considered a puppy, but in my eyes he will forever be a soft, adorable mush ball.


Borus Abraham, or Bo for short, is my family’s yellow lab. He may be scared of basically everything, including his own shadow, but it makes him all the more lovable.

BoBo has a special talent of picking me up when I’m down. Cliche, but true, he is a best friend to me. With the ability to sense when I’m sad, mad or scared, he knows when and how to comfort me. For such a silly pup, he really is very smart when it comes to observing emotions.

For all the amazing dogs out there, this is an appreciation post for…

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